Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time Warner Cable: The Worst Company Ever

I watch TV. I love TV. I also love cable, but I do not love Time Warner Cable (TWC).

At this point, I am beyond appalled at my experience with Time Warner Cable over the last two years. Their service is beyond poor on every level. Since I signed up with TWC in 2011, I have had the following:

  • Cable boxes that didn't work
  • Internet routers that didn't work
  • Cable outages without notification
  • Been on hold for more than an hour with technical support
  • No CBS/Showtime due to dispute between both companies
  • Treated disrespectfully by employees in TWC stores
  • Treated disrespectfully by customer service representatives over the phone 
I've simply had enough. If DirectTV would hurry up and make a deal with the PAC-12 Network, I would switch in a heartbeat and never look back, and probably be a lot happier.

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My biggest issue with TWC is that not a single person I've spoken to within the company has tried to make up with my repeated poor experiences thus far. Recently, I was on the phone with a customer service representative and made the threat to switch to DirectTV because of the CBS dispute. His response was, "Well as soon as DirectTV's contract is up with CBS the same thing is going to happen." Okay, now true or not, that was the wrong thing to say to any customer. I mean c'mon, really?! 

*Throws hands up in the air*

I'm reaching a serious breaking point. I have yet to speak to someone I know who has TWC that is happy with their service. Time Warner hasn't tried to make up for the fact that CBS is missing from the channel lineup and people are pissed. So pissed that it's lead to a class-action law suit and I'm thinking it might be a good idea to hop on that wagon. 

Time Warner, I dare you to take some initiative to make up for your millions of mistakes. Be the better man. Give customers something that will make them happy they are your customers instead of something that will lead to yet another bad Yelp review, letters of complaint and cancelled services.

I don't have an MBA, I'm not a rocket scientist, and I haven't cured cancer yet, but what I do know is whoever is running TWC is doing a terrible job. To any of you out there that may work for Time Warner Cable, I feel sorry for you, but I also think it's time for someone to step up and try to fix this company. Of course, anything is easier said than done, but it's time.

The older I get, the more I care about customer service. The same way superstars have to give credit to their fans, most companies would be nothing without their customers. So, if you're going to have a company and you're going to have customers or clients, be sure to treat them like gold, or whatever you created won't be around for long. 

To fellow Time Warner Cable customers out there, please comment and let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear from someone who is satisfied with their service from TWC and why. And to those that aren't satisfied, I want to hear from you too, because we are all in this together, unless of course DirectTV adds PAC-12. 


  1. I called about my bill being to high and "threatening" to cancel and the CS Rep just told me to do it. I was like wow A+ Customer Service. I called over to At&t Uverse and I got a way better deal , I get all movie channels a DVR , 3 receivers with HD service with over 370 channels ,and 18mbps of internet all for $100 a month when I pay like $145 with Time Warner for No DVR , 1 lousy receiver and 15mbps. I am definetly switching once my month is over since I already payed for the service. I am switching to Uverse which is considered better than TWC. I would have gotten Verizon FiOS but they don't service my area.

  2. direct tv? grass is greener isnt it